House Rules



In true telenovela style, Sasha Heist and her cast of dramatic actors spread on a thick layer of dark mystery, as we are invited in to become voyeurs of their estate. Rampant with dysfunction, jealousy, and the obligatory skeleton in the closet, this tale provokes the vigorous uplift an eyebrow, but please, no cause for concern. A re-check with your plastic surgeon isn’t necessary, the charade is all in good fun.


Photographer: Sasha Heist

Stylist: Shema Belhaj

Assistant Stylist: Katy Mahon

Hair and  Makeup:

Taylor Gresen, Tifani Blakely, Lina Mourey, Kandice Peralta, Laura Stark

Models: Shema Belhaj, Christian Chacon, Elaine Ludian, Ricci Lopez
Special Thanks to Ben Hadj
Men’s Suiting from Stitched @ Cosmopolitan



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