Vegas Cut and Sew Offers New Opportunities for Vegas-based Emerging Designers


As the curtain closes on a fashion week that never quite found its footing, Tevye Harper, editor-in-chief of Parlay Magazine, announced the entrance of Vegas Cut and Sew last week. The event, slated for February 18-21 2016, is designed to answer the call of needs within the local fashion industry and will serve as a city-wide celebration after the close of MAGIC. Fifteen local designers will be chosen to showcase their designs over the the span of 4 days, which will include open panel discussions to help further educate our emerging designers on how to bridge the gap with buyers.

We were able to chat with Tevye a bit more about this exciting endeavor:


Did the shortcomings of Fashion Week Las Vegas prompt you to launch this endeavor, if so how will this organization be different and better?
Vegas Cut + Sew was actually in the works before all of that happened. What happened to FWLV was unfortunate, and I wish them well in their next event, but there’s an opportunity for a fashion event that could unify our city and promote our local talent in a whole new way. And to do that I knew that we would need to have the right team to steer the ship. Co-founders Li Jackson and Deborah Harris bring the right kind of experience, credibility and integrity to unite what is currently a fragmented fashion community.

Some of the gaps that Vegas Cut + Sew will fill is to support local designers by preparing them for buyers. We will support local non-profits to help launch new careers in fashion. We’ve partnered with the Arts Institute Las Vegas by providing their students real-world experience opportunities. Vegas Cut + Sew is more than an event, it’s a catalyst for industry growth.

Do you have the 15 designers chosen already?
Not yet. We have several exciting commitments in process that we will be announcing soon.

Where can they apply, and will it be at a cost to them?

Designers can email their inquiries to and they can view our criteria and application process at There will be no cost to any of the designers selected to participate.

What the panels consist of?
We will have a total of 6 panels over 3 days. We will have panels covering the business of fashion, fashion education, environmentally conscience fashion and fashion technology to name a few.

Who are your sponsors and do you have a venue yet?

Without revealing too much too soon, we have key sponsors coming on board and we have several more spots available. I can say that we’re proud to announce one of our key sponsors is Las Vegas Mannequins. Las Vegas Mannequins is the first to sign on as a Gold Sponsor, 1 of 3 available spots. For sponsorship inquiries, contact Li Jackson at and she’ll send you our sponsorship packet. I can’t say where our venue is yet, my partners would kill me, but I can say that it’s awesome.

What is your personal take on the burgeoning fashion scene in Las Vegas?

I’m very excited. I think that we have all of the ingredients to really shine as a true fashion forward city. For too long we’ve lost some great talent to LA and other surrounding cities because we didn’t have a supportive environment. Vegas Cut and Sew is a step towards uniting the city’s fashion industry, ultimately, to provide local jobs to industry talent. There is no reason why Vegas can’t be the International fashion forward city like New York or LA. The whole world comes to Vegas, and it’s time that the talent of this city come together and invest in our own fashion industry.

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